Guild Rules

Code of Conduct

Once a UnRestrainable member you represent the guild publicly and no longer just yourself as an individual player. Your actions and behavior will reflect upon the guild and therefore any violation of the Code of Conduct can result in being removed from UnRestrainable. We will recruit based on quality, not quantity. It is important that all new members read our Code of Conduct before joining us. This ensures that new members will receive without a doubt an understanding of our policies and behavior before they join us. UnRestrainable members also beleaves in having fun with reason so do so in chat. Just don't get carried away.


In the game, website or in Ventrilo, UnRestrainable members should respect their peers. Also, all members should respect other Horde players in other guilds and refrain from aggressive slanderous behavior. No derogatory comments in any shape or form that another individual takes serious offence to will not be tolerated. This includes but not limited to offensive sexist or racist jokes based on discrimination nor flirtatious advances towards individuals who do not want to participate. We have inserted a Sex Education room into the vent server. Say what ever you want here. As a member if you wish to request your own private rooms set up with passwords please talk to Demoshzer.
(just have fun some is ok, just dont cross the line to far)

* Violation Consequence:
1.) Any badmouthing, trash talking, racial, religious or condescending verbal abuse on Ventrillo or any words written in any chat channel and/or any other own guild property. (i.e. Guild, General, Trade, OR PST and website) will result in a warning. Following this warning you will be expected to apologize to the offended individual or party. This is not limited to the said above but as well any public postings or publications.

2.) If this warning is further violated, a period of Raid probation will be issued. This time period of suspension will be judged by the officers depending on the severity of the comments or actions made.

3.) Upon 3rd violation, player(s) will be removed from guild, and or depending on severity reported to in Game Masters.


       1. If this happens it does not mean that you will stay at this rank or that your the one even in trouble. It is only a tempary "time out mode". Tell all issues can be sorted and reviewed and all sides have the oppertunities to tell their sides of what happend.  Just because you was the one that got demoted may only because the Officer may have only caught your commment in chat first.  They can use this RANK to quickly stop unwanted drama quickly. 


 UnRestrainable intends to be a group of players sharing common values while emphasizing friendship. Participate in the community on the website, guild chat and Ventrilo. When you log on it is good practice to communicate with other members. If you are shy even simple hello and goodbye lets us know you are an active member who acknowledges your fellow guildies. This guild goes beyond the game. If their is something in your life you need support with or some good advice as a family we will be here.

Be true to your word and accept responsibility for your actions. Being honorable involves playing fair and being considerate of other players. 

Being loyal to your guild includes following our code of conduct, helping others and not showing the unwanted vice of greed. Self serving actions and attitudes will not be tolerated in UnRestrainable. As well remeber who helped you along the way in getting gear, giving suggestions on how to improve your game play.  Getting to your peak game play and gear then switching guilds doesnt make you a better player or increases your chance of being the best.  Keeping your knowledge and helping others in the guild get to the same lvl as you so we can progress on is whats going to make a strong balanced guild. 

Being a community, we uphold a certain level of maturity. We are not measuring age, but character. Your behavior directly affects the atmosphere, and if this atmosphere is tainted with immaturity, it will threaten the guild's integrity.

Many of our members lead personal lives that involve many things like raising a family or studying through school. We keep our schedule flexible to accommodate the matter. However if you are an active raider in ICC, for example, then we require any line of communication of informing us of absences.

(We are not a mandatory five night a week raiding guild. However, we do raid sevral nights a week. We employ a team that has multiple subs which we all cooperate and rotate in players as balanced as we possibly can.  If for some reason you don't get into a raid becuase of the time is secudled or because its full please don't feel left out.  Just inform an officer that you wish to try to be in next weeks run and or try to resecdual your own event on the guild calander the same week. Many players have alts and can do it more then once a week by switching charcters.

(For almot all raids we use Guild Event Calander to schedule events. All members have the ability to post an event for sign-up, so it acts like a bulletin board.)

You are encouraged by this charter to make suggestions of any kind. However small, your input is valued. There is a diplomatic way to give suggestions which includes a positive rational that is delivered with respect not out of frustration or negative emotion. Your views can be expressed in the Policies forum on the website, the class forums or in Ventrilo with an UnRestrainable officer and e-mailing your GM directly in game.

One virtue that our guild rewards is generosity and gratitude. If you see that another peer of yours would benefit more from a loot drop that you may want but consider it not a tremendous upgrade passing to the player in need will not go unnoticed.

If you ever "NINJA" anyone in any instance you can be removed from the guild. It will be up to the officer dealing with the issue to determine what punishment to enforce. We repeat, your actions reflect on our guild so it is not acceptable with "pug" groups either.

This is a game, don’t take it too seriously and have fun. If you find yourself not happy and feel its because you don’t feel a part of the guild then do what you have to do to maintain the fun factor. If this means leaving for another guild or leaving guilds in general don't be stressed on reactions and simply do it. However, let us point out that it is courtesy to leave on good terms which would include an honorable explanation and a respectful goodbye. This ensures that your gameplay on any of our servers remains positive with no animosities. Lastly, even too much of a good thing can have negative effects on an individual. If you find yourself becoming overly emotional or stressed in this game it is our advice that you take a break. Go out and breath some fresh air. Moderation will only keep the game fun for you because it prevents one from becoming "burnt out." "Linch King stress syndrome".

We use a sign-up list and accept starting line-up based on seniority, availability, skill level and gear level. Our loot system is a roll need if its an upgrade, however, the raid leader determines who may roll. If you are new to the guild you will need to make sure you are atleast in the yellow for the said raid we are doing at the time. Go to This can, however, be wavered by the raid leader on special circumstances and you still may be able to raid.


Everything in the guild bank is open to every single guild member.  However, the things worth more value (Epics). Will be given to players who have been in the guild for atleast two weeks and will be handed out under the apporval and discression of the officres by vote.  Also please remember that being able to take from the bank also means at sometime you must put back or there will never be anything in it for you later or other members.


We reserve the right to update and modify these rules without prior notice. However; when thier are any updates it will be annouced by guild message of the day that they have been updated. Then in witch you will need to come here and find the updates.


Orginaly Written by Darkdragons/Demoshzer Saturday, 11 November 2006 for the guild (Bloodbath) Revised Saturday, 03, July 2010. for UnRestrainable


Important: for your own safety, we highly recommend usage of a authenticator. This will keep your account safe at all times. Sharing your Real ID is safe, but even if you don't use this site, we recommend using an Authenticator. In many cases it's free, and hassle free! Note that you only have to fill in an authenticator code once in a while (weekly, or logging in on a new PC), and you can even have an app for it on your mobile phone.  For more information:

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